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Ido Frommer

Director of the Science Center

Ido Frommer, served many years in the IDF Air Force, is now a math teacher and holds a master's degree in mathematics education, and is running the Science Center since 2014.

Lives in Yeruham, married and has four children.
In Ido's eyes:

"The Science Center tries to expose the youth to science and technology and to teach these fields in advanced methods. We believe that science and technology education is a first-rate tool to provide the student with tools for life, a sense of ability and knowledge that enables social mobility. We set a high standard for students and educators who can only achieve their goals in hard work."

Asaf Shalev

Deputy director of the Science Center

After more than 18 years of working in the leading hi-tech companies, Asaf decided to reorient himself and focus on education. Asaf, who holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and an MBA, moved to Yeruham and holds the position of deputy director of the Science Center and is also a mathematics teacher. In his view:

"The main challenge of the science center is to reach all the different types of children in Yeruham and expose them to a wide range of subjects. We believe everyone can find their passions, nurture them and develop a sense of ability."

Raz Steinmetz

Head of Computer Science programs

With 20 years of experience in software development and management, Raz made a career change and decided to become a teacher. He now teaches students in different ages, computer science using PBL (project based learning) teaching method. Raz is leading two major projects:

  1. Development of Nano-satellite that will be launched to space in 2020, designed and developed by students in Yerucham 

  2.  Yerucham drone team. a team of students that build, design and fly drones for the MONA drone league

Raz holds a bachelor and master degrees in computer science and lives with his family in Yerucham.

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