Yeruham Science Center

Our Team

Asaf Shalev

Director of the Science Center

After more than 18 years of working in the leading hi-tech companies, Asaf decided to reorient himself and focus on education. Asaf, who holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and an MBA, moved to Yeruham and holds the position of deputy director of the Science Center and is also a mathematics teacher. In his view:

"The main challenge of the science center is to reach all the different types of children in Yeruham and expose them to a wide range of subjects. We believe everyone can find their passions, nurture them and develop a sense of ability."

Raz Steinmetz

Head of Computer Science programs

With 20 years of experience in software development and management, Raz made a career change and decided to become a teacher. He now teaches students in different ages, computer science using PBL (project based learning) teaching method. Raz is leading two major projects:

  1. Development of Nano-satellite that will be launched to space in 2020, designed and developed by students in Yerucham 

  2.  Yerucham drone team. a team of students that build, design and fly drones for the MONA drone league

Raz holds a bachelor and master degrees in computer science and lives with his family in Yerucham.