Yeruham Science Center

yerucham science center

a focal point of stem education in the negev.

Our vision


Inspiring curiosity

The Science Center cultivates curiosity and builds a thirst for learning, using innovative, varied, relevant and active teaching.


Aiming high

We believe that a student who demonstrates commitment and perseverance can excel in the field that he or she chooses. The Center's goal is to allow the necessary conditions for realizing this potential.

Regional responsibility

The Science Center is part of the Negev community. As such he initiates and leads regional programming and multiple collaborative endeavors.


Social mobility

Every student should be entitled to an open future.  The Center strives to arm its students with the knowledge and skill-sets needed for integrating in the global scientific-technological community.


The science center

The center is a home for communities of teachers in the fields of science and aims to develop professional teachers in order to improve the quality of teaching.

The center grows, constantly updating, striving to be at the forefront of STEM education. A pioneer in the development of STEM curricula that is  accessible to the whole educational system in Yerucham.

The Center shares the responsibility and commitment of the educational system in Yeruham to the success of its students

The Center acts with a deep social responsibility and encourages its students to take responsibility for themselves and the environment in which they live; to utilize the tools they have acquired for the benefit of the community. All programs run at the Science Center contain a component of social action and volunteer work.


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